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Bridging Form and Function

Bridges are some of the most significant—and awesome—engineering creations of humankind. A study in contradictions, they appear rigid but must be flexible; they can weigh millions of pounds but often look weightless. At Civil Design Inc, we understand that bridge design requires much more than a comprehensive understanding of physics, loads, and composite materials.

What differentiates Civil Design Inc's civil engineers from other bridge designers is that at CDI we combine academic knowledge with:

    The creativity to produce multiple designs,
    The efficiency to work within a budget,
    The tenacity to modify a design again and again, and—most importantly—
    The insight that comes only with experience.

With over 75 years of combined experience, our civil engineers have the knowledge and skill required to combine design, knowledge of materials, and structural elements to bridge form and function to produce the structural solution to fit your transportation needs.

Bridge design is perhaps the finest test of civil design skill. At Civil Design Inc we are tremendously proud of our experience and ingenuity in this challenging engineering field. Check out our Portfolio to view one example of our bridge design expertise or contact us today to see more examples and begin discussing how we can put our experience to work for you.