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Civil Design Inc has completed over 200 plats, and our professional land surveyors specialize in creating plats of any kind for our clients. A plat is a map showing the boundaries and other divisions of a section of land, which may also include the monuments found and monuments set on the property. Plats are scale drawings detailing exact dimensions of the parcel of land, which can be as large as a city, and as small as one lot on a city street.

The registered land surveyors at Civil Design Inc will draw a plat after performing a field survey on your land. They will then submit the plat to the appropriate public office in your county. In more populated areas, plats are often submitted to a public works department, urban planning commission, or zoning board; in areas with smaller cities, the county commission is frequently the agency that receives and reviews plats. Once the plat is submitted and approved, it becomes a legal document recorded in the Register of Deeds office as a public record.

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