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Minnehaha County 132-foot Continuous Slab BridgeMinnehaha 50-129-60 01_600x400.jpg

Minnehaha County 132-foot Continuous Slab Bridge

CDI was selected by Minnehaha County to perform all work necessary to replace a structurally deficient 140’ 5-span continuous concrete bridge over Skunk Creek on County Highway 114. CDI recommended major rehabilitation or replacement of this structure due to the poor condition of the deck. CDI performed a hydraulic survey and completed a hydraulic analysis to size the structure. CDI presented multiple options. Ultimately the 132’ continuous slab option was chosen by Minnehaha County due to its wide and shallow deck. The top of the bridge deck could also be raised 1.0’ above the existing structure deck to provide freeboard at a 25-year design event. This project was completed in the summer of 2017 with an estimated overall cost of construction of $1.19 million. 

Project Facts

Minnehaha County

Colton, South Dakota

$1.19 million