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Brookings Airport Runway Realignment

Through the collaborative efforts of Civil Design Inc, Helms & Associates, HDR Inc and DGR Engineering, a new runway, new taxiways and re-construction of existing taxiways, was completed in 2015. CDI provided services for the re-routing of Sixmile Creek around the new runway alignment, reclamation of the existing creek bed, mitigation of wetlands impacted by the project, and all associated Local, State, and Federal permitting associated with re-routing Sixmile Creek. In addition, CDI provided all construction staking, aggregate material testing, resident engineer, and project management to ensure specification compliance and quality control.


To complete the re-route of Sixmile Creek, CDI conducted in-depth hydrology and hydraulic studies for the existing and surrounding airport property. This information was used to propose, design, and permit the re-routing of the existing Sixmile Creek channel around the proposed runway and mitigate the impacted wetlands.


The scope of this project included the re-route of 3,700 feet of stream channel, reclamation of 2,600 feet of existing stream channel, construction of a new 134 foot bridge, internal maintenance roads, 6,000 feet of new runway, 1,100 feet of runway reconstruction, 9,750 feet of new taxiway construction/re-construction, sanitary sewer equalization basins, forcemain, gravity sewer piping and all new lights, lighted signing and striping. In addition, six acres of wetlands were constructed off-site as mitigation for the impact of three acres of wetlands in the airport property.


Challenges of this project included navigation of the federal permitting process through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife and the Federal Aviation Administration. As part of this project, special attention was paid to the impact on Topeka shiner Minnows that reside within the existing Sixmile Creek.

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