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Village Square Drainage Improvements

Due to the limited project area and working in a fully developed location, concrete was placed with pump trucks that reached over the existing structures. After installing the new concrete rectangular channel, the disturbed areas were sodded and landscaped to provide an aesthetically pleasing final product. The project was finished in the fall of 2010 on time and well under the originally estimated budget of $124,000.00. Overall, this project was a great success. 

Design services provided by Civil Design Inc included completing the preliminary design, attending public meetings, final design and construction administration for a drainage project that included removing an existing valley gutter and installing a concrete rectangular channel. The primary goal of the project was to pass the 100-yr rain event without damage to the adjacent properties. The existing drainage channel was substantially undersized.

Several options were developed, which all met the criteria of passing a 100-yr rain event of 492 cfs. Preliminary drawings were not only provided to the client but also the adjacent land owners. A public open forum was held with representatives from CDI, the City of Brookings, adjacent land owners and residents.  The input received helped CDI to develop an alternative that was acceptable to all parties. 

Special design considerations included a limited project area and working with continual water flows from rain events, lawn irrigation and sump pumps. Construction began in the summer of 2010. Continuous bypass pumping was required to handle maintenance flows throughout construction. There were numerous large rain events during the construction period, which required design changes. CDI worked closely with the client and contractor to developed cost effect design changes, which not only substantially improved the subsurface conditions but also saved time and money. 

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