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Drainage Management

The civil engineers at Civil Design Inc design drainage management plans to control the increase in storm water runoff created by land improvements. Although there are a myriad of methods to control runoff, the most commonly employed form of drainage management is storm water detention.

A storm water detention structure, or detention basin, is a man-made structure (either above or below ground) designed to hold storm water for a limited period of time. These basins control runoff, prevent flooding, and minimize downstream erosion. Detention basins are typically built during the construction of a subdivision, shopping center, or other large construction project. Some detention basins are designed to hold a small amount of water year-round, while others are commonly dry. Detention structures can also be used to clean or filter storm water prior to discharge.

Civil Design Inc is a full service civil engineering and land surveying firm that specializes in municipal and environmental engineering. We have extensive experience in drainage management and improvement projects throughout the Midwest, and can design to meet most any local, regional, or national standards for storm water drainage management.

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