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Wastewater Treatment Design

The engineers at Civil Design Inc have a comprehensive knowledge and-more importantly-experience in wastewater treatment design.

Wastewater treatment in small communities usually consists of a stabilization pond system, which can have one or more cells (ponds). Stabilization pond systems either discharge wastewater or provide total retention. If the system requires that wastewater is discharged, the wastewater leaving the system, or effluent, must be tested to verify that it meets the requirements set by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Stabilization pond systems that do not discharge are called total retention facilities and require a specialized design. The volume of wastewater entering the system, or influent, must be equal in volume to the water leaving the system through evaporation and percolation. The total retention pond system must be sized appropriately so that the ponds do not overtop. The wastewater depth must also stay at an appropriate level to allow for the system to function properly.

Civil Design Inc. has experience designing stabilization pond systems throughout the region. These complicated systems require the engineering expertise we offer.

If you are looking to construct a new wastewater treatment system or looking to upgrade your current facility, please contact us. We also work closely with BiO2 Solutions LLC, which is a sister company that will work with you to develop alternative means of wastewater treatment, including applications for agriculture and industrial waste.