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Analysis of Alternatives or Substitutes

At Civil Design Inc, we don't believe in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all project designs. Each project we work on is unique and comes with its own unique design considerations. To find the most efficient and cost effective solution for any project, we feel it is essential that we analyze alternatives and substitutions.

We utilize our entire Civil Design Inc staff, along with input from both the client and the contractor, to produce competitive design alternatives. Our engineers and drafters can produce multiple alternatives that will each achieve your desired result.

Each feasible alternative has an associated Opinion of Probable Cost. By comparing probable cost opinions, we are able to determine which alternative would benefit you the most. To have a complete analysis, Civil Design Inc can also provide an Opinion of Probable Annual Cost of Operation and Maintenance for each alternative, which would detail not only your upfront cost, but also your longer-term upkeep expenses.

Contact Civil Design Inc to conduct an analysis of alternatives for any of your civil engineering needs.